Turtles seascape...

This was done about a week ago; I really liked the way it turned out and must have forgotten to post. As always thanks for looking, and hope you enjoy.
Copyright 2017 Neal Cronic. Okay to use if not for profit.

Minuet seascape paintings...

Another minuet style seascape...
Copyright 2017 Neal Cronic. Okay to use when not for profit.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking!

Seascapes, seals and seagull paintings.

Here a a few of yesterday's sea paintings. Green Sea Turtles, and Stellar Seals. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking. 
Copyright 2017 Neal Cronic. Permission given to use when artist credit is given and only when not for profit.

Yet again with the small ones...
Here is still another small acrylic painting.
These seascapes go as fast as they are painted, so the formula is much the same for each, lots of sealife, and especially seals and gulls. A touch of Crimson in the clouds helps to draw the eyes to this one...

Keeping art fun. (continued)
Had a great time doing these little paintings. Maybe we should call them boutique or minuet paintings. Here is another, who knows how many there are now as I've toned down to about four a day and that's enough! Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.
This image is copyright Neal Cronic 2017, and you are welcome to use it if not for profit.
Perhaps some sea turtles like leatherbacks. Or maybe green sea turtles! In the bottom right corner. The setting is pretty typical good Northwest sunset. Well off to paint!  

Keeping art fun...

Boutique painting for fun...

This past week I have been painting alot on the waterfront. The paintings are super small and I try to do at least four paintings a day; my best is eight. Little 9"×12" acrylic numbers. Here are a few examples, and they are fun and quite popular.

Small paintings are great for trying new colors and experimenting!

Thank you Sean and all who took one home. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking.

Blue Heron and Western Seagulls

Seascape of Beach - by Neal Cronic

Sunsets on beaches are a challenge in not mixing the orange and yellow tones with the blues. In this painting the sky wash was done, leaving a white path. The path was then to become clouds.

Copyright 2017 Neal Cronic. Artist gives permission for free use when not for profit.

This painting went to Susan and Ken as a gift for Susan. The couple has been an enormous inspiration. God bless them. Hope you enjoy.